Azafran Organic Block Crayons (16 colors)-120g

Azafran Organic Block Crayons (16 colors)-120g


Azafran Organic Block Crayons (16 colors)-120g

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    • Organic
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    • Natural
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    Smooth and creamy, each pack of Azafran's Organic Crayons include a rainbow of 16 beautiful colour packed in a slider box. The food colorant produces a muted, more natural color palette making it fun to draw and shade. Comes in beautiful colour blocks. Easy grip for small hands & is especially suited for preschoolers. A great choice for children of all ages. Organic Crayons for children are made with sustainable and organic waxes of Palm & Soya, Organic Soya Butter, Coconut Butter and Food grade colours. Square blocks are formulated specially to improve the hand-eye coordination in children for their first art class!

    Product Code: 8906037362574
    Weight: 120 g
    Main Attribute: Organic,  Vegan,  Natural 

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