Ceramic Diya (The Blue Edit)

Ceramic Diya (The Blue Edit)

The Earth Love x Jellyfish Pottery

Ceramic Diya (The Blue Edit)

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    Each piece is specially handcrafted by talented artisans, which means no two pieces are alike! The colour blue denotes serenity and stability - and we hope you receive both in abundance. The diyas are made of stoneware clay and fused with glass at the base. Designed by Jellyfish Pottery exclusively for our collection.

    Diameter: 4 inches

    Ceramic diyas are available in 2 colours & 5 different combinations.

    They can later be reused as a home decor piece or something to hold your trinkets. The possibilities are endless!

    Together, let’s celebrate the #DiwaliDifference!

    Product Code: Ceramic Diya (The Blue Edit)
    Weight: 300 g
    Main Attribute: Handmade 

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