Almitra Coconut Fiber – Cleaning Kit (Pack of 5 Coir Brushes)

Almitra Coconut Fiber – Cleaning Kit (Pack of 5 Coir Brushes)

Almitra Sustainables

Almitra Coconut Fiber – Cleaning Kit (Pack of 5 Coir Brushes)

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    • Natural
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    • Recycled
    • Fair Trade
    • Social Impact
    • Handmade
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    Our Coir Cleaning Kit is the best way to get started with low-tox cleaning and creating a chemical free environment in your house. We have curated this mix of essentials which will get the entire household cleaning job done! What Is Coir?

    The coir are extracted from the husk of coconuts which is usually discarded after its juice and meat have been consumed. Considered merely but a waste we use this coir to make natural cleaners to create a plastic-free safe environment. The coconut fiber is naturally antimicrobial.

    Kit Contains

    1 * Coir Dish Scrub (Pack of 5 pads)

    1 * Laundry/ Floor Brush

    1 * Vegetable Scrub

    1 * Bottle Cleaner

    1 * Long Handle Pot Brush

    *Material – Plant-Based, Handle: wood  Bristle: Coconut Fibre  *Care – Rinse with mild soapy water and hang in the sun to dry.

    *Disposal – put it in Compost

    *Packaging – We ensure that all our packaging is eco-friendly

    Product Code: AS-TCB-006
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    Main Attribute: Natural,  Sustainable,  Recycled,  Fair Trade,  Social Impact,  Handmade 

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