Beco Bamboo based Toothpicks - 100 sticks (pack of 2)

Beco Bamboo based Toothpicks - 100 sticks (pack of 2)


Beco Bamboo based Toothpicks - 100 sticks (pack of 2)

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    • Organic
    • Natural
    • Sustainable
    • Biodegradable
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    Beco Bamboo Wooden Toothpicks chemical and odor-free made with the highest standard of quality. Our toothpicks are packed in eco-friendly plastic-free paper boxes. It is very easy and safe to use for any type of occasion and project including cleaning your teeth, applying glue and deep cleaning of your favorite electronic gadgets, cleaning small parts, and various art and craft projects. They are sturdy and reliable with sharp points that make them an excellent tool for cleaning your teeth without leaving bits of wood stuck in your dental set. Simply use with fruits, cocktail, barbecue, desserts, art and crafts, baking, flossing, appetizers. Also ideal for holiday seasons and celebrations including Christmas, weddings, Easter, graduations, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday, pool party, Valentine’s, cocktail party and for your own restaurants.

    Product Code: BECO/TP/TB/100-PCS-02
    Weight: 56 g
    Main Attribute: Organic,  Natural,  Sustainable,  Biodegradable 

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