Brews & Blends Detox Wellness Herbal Tea

Brews & Blends Detox Wellness  Herbal Tea

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Brews & Blends Detox Wellness Herbal Tea

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    • Vegan
    • Natural
    • Sustainable
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    “DETOX TEA” is a herbal infusion made with Dandelion Root and Milk Thistle which ensures a healthy liver function. Ginger, star anise, and holy basil add to the process by eliminating toxins through a more efficient digestion. All the ingredients work in synergy to make one feel alive and more energized. A regular detox is considered core to a healthier way of life.

     Choose a cup of DETOX TEA before the first meal of the day and befor the dinner for optimum benefits.

    Product Code: DWHT
    Weight: 110 g
    Main Attribute: Vegan,  Natural,  Sustainable 

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