Cocosutra Granola Tropical Sunshine (1kg)

Cocosutra Granola Tropical Sunshine (1kg)


Cocosutra Granola Tropical Sunshine (1kg)

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    This is what sunshine tastes like!
    Nothing puts a spring in your stride like glorious sunshine. And a bowlful of power-packed Crunchy Tropical Sunshine Granola cereal. All-natural rolled oats, nuts, seeds, fruit puree and signature spice blends are mixed and slow-roasted to crunchy, yummy perfection. With a generous helping of tropical fruit and golden raisins. Any time of the day or year, spring is here with our artisanal Crunchy Tropical Sunshine Granola!

    Product Code: COCO-GTS
    Weight: 1000 g
    Main Attribute: Natural 

    Tags: Cocosutra Granola, Tropical Sunshine, Breakfast Cereal with Oats, Nuts, Seeds, Dry Fruits

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