Embar Natural Hair Kit

Embar Natural Hair Kit


Embar Natural Hair Kit

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A hair care kit that takes care of your complete hair routine.

Our kit contains:

1. Rosemary/ Coconut Milk shampoo

Our sulphate free, Paraben free shampoo is crafted with herbs like bhringaraj ,bhrami , Gooseberry, Methi and rosemary infusion. Soapnut tea helps cleanse the hair without stripping the hair off the natural oils.

2. Shea Butter Conditioner 

Literally a creamy Shea butter and almond oil lotion for your hair. It helps close down the cuticles and smoother the hair.

3. Herbal Onion Hair oil

We swear by it! This onion herbal oil helps stimulate the dormant follicles and encourages hair growth.

4. Cold press Moroccan Argan oil

A superfood for your hair. Few drops of it applied to the hair helps nourish and give your mane a healthy shine.

5. Neem wood comb infused in oils for 45days. 

Why would u soak a comb in oil you ask- here is why- Soaking the wooden comb in oil for long strengthens and smooth the edges of the comb. This helps reduce hair snagging and breakage. The Neem wood is anti septic in nature, it reduces itchiness in scalp and increases blood flow with out damaging the scalp.

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