Wild Earth Exotic Travel Kit

Wild Earth Exotic Travel Kit

Wild Earth

Wild Earth Exotic Travel Kit

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    • Natural
    • Sustainable
    • Fair Trade
    • Social Impact
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    Travelling can play havoc with your skin.This travel kit contains 30 ml bottle of Ginger Lime Shampoo, 30 ml Rose Honey Body Wash & 30 ml Saffron Almond Moisturising Body Lotion. Now travel well with all your favourite indulgences every time.

    Gift your loved ones a box full of happiness, natural and pure, just like your love. 

    The natural sulphates& parabens free body wash, shampoo & body lotion will save you from using hotel toiletries you are not familiar with. The bottles are sealed and packed in a beautiful, compact box to avoid leakage and ease of travelling. It fits into your purse as well as it fits into your suitcase.

    Contents :

    1) 30 ml Face & Body Wash

    2) 30 ml Conditioning Shampoo

    3) 30 ml Moisturising Body Lotion

    Product Code: 8906084110166
    Weight: 100 g
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 10cm x 8.5cm x 3.5cm
    Main Attribute: Natural,  Sustainable,  Fair Trade,  Social Impact 

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