Fabbox- Blueberry Plums -Medium

Fabbox- Blueberry Plums -Medium


Fabbox- Blueberry Plums -Medium

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    • Organic
    • Vegan
    • Natural
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     Sweet with a deep taste and a sticky chewy texture, these dried prunes are not only fun to eat but they are also highly nutritious.Contains no pits and are ideal for cooking and snacking.These are naturally fat free and high in potassium and fiber.

    Plums, Blueberry Juice

    Help control sugar levels as the fiber slows the rate at which your body absorbs carbs after a meal, causing blood sugar to rise gradually.
    - Source of Vitamin A which helps to improve vision and prevent macular degeneration in old age.
    - Source of Vitamins C which is very important for boosting immunity.
    - rich in antioxidants, which are helpful for reducing inflammation and protecting your cells from damage by free radicals.

    Product Code: BLP-M
    Weight: 160 g
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 20cm x 13cm x 4cm
    Main Attribute: Organic,  Vegan,  Natural 

    Tags: Food, Chocolate, Snacks, Bars, Nutrition Bar, Sugar free, Fibre Rich, Protein Rich

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