Aum Fresh Soup Seasoning

Aum Fresh Soup Seasoning

Aum Fresh

Aum Fresh Soup Seasoning

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    • Vegan
    • Natural
    • Sustainable
    • Biodegradable
    • Social Impact
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    Recipe: Melt the butter, add finely chopped onions and garlic, sauté it till color changes, and add all vegetables cook it till all the vegetables are half cooked. Add vegetable stock and bring it to boil. Mix a little corn flour to water and add to soup. Cook for few minutes. Add the Soup Seasoning and serve hot.

    Add and bring out the flavor of your soup can also be tried with stocks, stew, tomato sauces, gravies, cheese, fish, omelets, salads, curries to make then taste excellent.

    Storage Condition

    Temperature< 23°C
    Relative Humidity65% Max.
    GeneralKeep closed in a dry warehouse, free from infestation and not exposed to direct sunlight, Do not store adjacent to material that gives off strong odors

    Product Code: AF-2 soup
    Weight: 200 g
    Main Attribute: Vegan,  Natural,  Sustainable,  Biodegradable,  Social Impact 

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