Fuschia Tropical Alphonso Lip Balm

Fuschia Tropical Alphonso Lip Balm


Fuschia Tropical Alphonso Lip Balm

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    • Natural
    • Handmade
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    Try It • Use It • Never Lose It 

    Delightfully portable & refreshing hydration for lips and body. These little jars are like your best friends - you can take them anywhere, and they'll never let you down! Perfect in a pinch for cuticles or elbows, or anywhere dry skin patches may appear. And of course, they keep your healthy lips smiling!

    Natural Organic Lip Balm makes your Lips go smooth and silky, softened with the essential oils. Never greasy, never chalky, it absorbs and protects with the soothing benefit of organic beeswax. Our lip balm is not tested on animals, nor does it contain synthetic scents, flavors, parabens, or petroleum. 

    Pucker up! Smooth, soothe and protect lips naturally. Shea butter, natural beeswax, vitamins and natural oils protect and nourish lips, leaving them kissable soft. Lip balms are for everyone! Whether you’re a school gal, college-goer, working woman, home maker or yeah…even if you’re a guy

    Detailed Description:

    • Infused With 100% Natural & Vegetarian Ingredients.

    • Shea Butter & Kokum Butter Blended With Vitamin E Provide Extra Moisture & Antioxidants. 

    • Subtle & Soothing Fragrance of Natural Oils.

    • Moisturizes The Lips, Without Any Colour Retention. 

    • Formulated To Rejuvenate And Keep Your Lips Supple.

    • Non Allergic

    • Free Of Parabens, Petroleum Base, Artificial Tints And Synthetic Perfumes.

    • Without Any Animal Testing

    Directions for use: Apply to lips any time to moisturize & protect. Can be used anywhere on the body, anytime.

    Product Code: Tropical Alphonso
    Weight: 8 g
    Main Attribute: Natural,  Handmade 

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