Homemakerz Gluten-Free Jowar Millet Noodles

Homemakerz  Gluten-Free Jowar Millet Noodles


Homemakerz Gluten-Free Jowar Millet Noodles

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    Good news for the health conscious millennials!  The  humble Jowar Millet is here in a modern version of Hakka Noodles.  These Jowar Noodles are a power packed and easy to make meal. They give a healthy twist to the usual maida hakka noodles by being gluten-free, rich in vitamin B-3, iron & high in dietary fibre. They contain no MSG. Delicious in taste & versatile in nutrition.

    Gluten-Free. Preservative & Chemical Free. 100% Natural Ingredients. 100% Vegetarian. Trans-Fat Free. Handmade Original Recipe.

    Usage Instructions: Boil the noodles for 3-4 minutes. Drain water & keep aside. In a wok, add finely chopped ginger & garlic. Add desired vegetables and/or chicken/fish/shrimp. Stir fry on high heat. Add the noodles. Add Homemakerz Red Chili Sauce or Homemakerz Thai Chili Sauce. Serve hot. Enjoy as hakka noodles or in an Asian Salad, Soup, Pasta, Broth, Ramen or Burmese Khow Suey

    Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place

    Shelf Life: 9-Months

    Product Code: HMZ-JN
    Weight: 200 g
    Main Attribute: Organic,  Natural,  Handmade 

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