Mimmo Organics Supa Joos

Mimmo Organics Supa Joos

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Mimmo Organics Supa Joos

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    • Organic
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    • Natural
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    Naturally delicious and refreshing drink-mix that is packed full of nature’s magic.Just simple, organic natural ingredients nothing else. This delightful blend of rich and nourishing strawberries, apples and beetroot give your little one energy and flavor, naturally! Made naturally from carefully-picked fruits and vegetables, Supa joos is free from artificial colors and flavors. Compact and handy. Easy to carry single-serve sachets.No mess! Just empty the contents in a bottle of water. Voila! you have a refreshing drink for Supa kid(and yourself) at home, on the playground or on-the-go.

    Made with Natural and Organic ingredients from real strawberries, apples, and beetroot.

    Good source of Vitamin C

    Provides sodium and potassium to replenish the lost salts.

    No artificial colours or artificial flavours

    Easy to make. Just add water

    Easy to carry 5 single-serve sachets

    Organic Brown Sugar, Apple powder (8%), Strawberry powder (2%), Beetroot Powder (1%), Citric acid Anhydrous, Calcium Carbonate Ascorbic acid, Guar gum, Tri Sodium Citrate, Natural Strawberry Flavor.

    Product Code: Supa Joos
    Weight: 200 g
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 8cm x 5cm x 13cm
    Main Attribute: Organic,  Vegan,  Natural 

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