Naari Lithe Heavy Flow

Naari Lithe Heavy Flow

Naari Lithe Heavy Flow


Naari Lithe Heavy Flow


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    • Natural
    • Sustainable
    • Biodegradable
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    Lithe collection  heavy flow pad is a semi-foldable pad that is made out of 100% cotton material. The cloth has undrgone washing several times to increase it's absorption capacity.

      • The cloth insert can be taken out and washed separately. This pad comes with two inserts. One that can be folded & inserted into the loops of the leak proof layer and other that can be inserted into the folds. 

    • The colour of the inserts & the design of pad is based on availability.

    •  You get two inserts with this pad. More can be bought at INR 70 a piece

    •  Carry on pouch does not come with the pad. It would need to be bought separately at INR 50. • The last layer is made out of Kalamkari material - which is vegetable dyed and not harmful for the skin • The pad is long lasting due to several layers of absorbable cotton material, and the Kalamkari material pressed with gum cloth prventing unwanted spots • 100% cotton cloth • No PUL layer used. The pad is 100% biodegradable. When you decide to throw it, it can go in the compost bin • Long Lasting highly absrbent cotton material used 

    • Onheavy flow days (2nd & 3rd days of the period), the pad can last upto 6-8 hours. Changing the pad once a day is reommended Carry on Pouch - Rs 50 SIZE Big Insert - 26 cm by 26 cm when fylly opened Small Insert - 7 cm by 4 cm Leak Proof Layer - 27 cm by 9 cm Avoid Using harsh detergent with the pad Using a lose fitting underwear Wearing it longer than 6 hours during the day Wearing a wet/semi wet pad Leaving the pad in open area where it can accumulate dust Precaution The pads are meant to be used for specific days of the cycle. A heavy flow pad works best for heavy flow days and same goes for the medium flow pad. If you have a really heavy flow, it is recommended to check the pad during the day first before wearing it at night Do not leave the pad soaking for longer than a day. Ensure to change the water regularly if you do not have the time to wash it. The pad lasts for 6 hours. However, this can vary across different people and age groups.

    • DISCLAIMER : The product pattern shown in the picture above is just for pictorial representation. The Kalamkari print used for the last layer may differ from the product picture depicted. 

    Product Code: NAR7
    Weight: 100 g
    Main Attribute: Natural,  Sustainable,  Biodegradable 

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