Natural Vibes Vitamin C Skin Repair and Glow Regime

Natural Vibes Vitamin C Skin Repair and Glow Regime

Natural Vibes Vitamin C Skin Repair and Glow Regime

Natural Vibes

Natural Vibes Vitamin C Skin Repair and Glow Regime

Natural Vibes

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    Ayurvedic Vitamin C Skin Repair and Glow Regime is an ayurvedic proprietary blend enriched with the goodness of Peach, Narangi Oranges, Lemon peel, Papaya, Amla( Indian Gooseberry ), Honey, Haldi Turmeric, Neem (Azadirachta indica), Jethimadh (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Manjistha (Rubia Cordofolia), Grape seed, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Sandalwood, Lavender, Lodhra and Multani Mitti. This efficient combo will help you reduce signs of ageing, brighten skin tone, fight sun damage, deep cleanse your pores and reduce pigmentation. It will improve the skin's overall health and help maintain a youthful complexion much longer into the future

    Natural benefits gifted by our Mother Nature:

    1. Peach has the ability to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. A great source of Vitamin C, peach reduces dark circles and wrinkles thereby keeping premature ageing at bay.

    2. Narangi orange being a natural bleaching agent reduces the effect of suntan and brings back your natural skin texture, color and radiance. The citric acid present in the orange also helps in drying away the acne and removing blackheads.

    3. Honey, known as "Madhu" in ayurvedic scriptures removes the dirt and grime from the skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Its anti-bacterial properties defend the skin from germs.

    4. Lemon Peels are great exfoliators. Not only does it pull out the dirt and dust that are clogged in your pores, it will also help in getting rid of dead skin cells making your skin soft and supple.

    5. Amla is considered sacred in Ayurveda due to its tridosha properties. It is one rare fruit that pacifies the overall health of the skin by balancing the vata, pitta and kapha doshas. Due to its sourness, it addresses the increased vata and by virtue of its cold potency and sweet taste, it calms down the pitta. It also takes care of the kapha with the help of its dryness.

    6. Papaya has 300% more vitamin C than any other fruit. The enzymes present in papaya can assist in treating dry and flaky skin and hydrate it. These enzymes also dissolve inactive proteins and assist in skin lightening and anti ageing.

    7. Neem is referred to as "Sarva roga nivarini" in Ayurveda, which means “one that prevents all ailments”. Neem fights all pathogens protecting your skin from acne, blackheads and rashes.

    8. Jethimad more commonly known as licorice helps your skin to calm down and relax. It will help rejuvenate your skin.

    9. Turmeric has been a beauty secret for thousands of years in Ayurveda. It revives the skin and brings back its natural glow and radiance. Its antiseptic properties helps get rid of the redness caused by unhealthy weather conditions.

    10. Manjistha due to its bitter taste helps get rid of the natural impurities from the skin, thus reducing the pigmented/patchy areas. It will make your skin healthy from the inside by increasing the circulation.

    11. Grape Seed extract benefits the skins appearance by bonding with collagen, which is the building block of healthy skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties can prevent further breakouts on your skin. Grape seed has a great amount of Vitamin E which works towards reducing clogged pores.

    12. Aloe Vera provides a protective layer to the skin, which helps retain skins natural moisture. It's antimicrobial properties help in taking years off your face. Aloe Vera also acts as a skin tightening and firming agent.

    13. Sandalwood also known as Chandana is considered the most sacred in Ayurveda. It is said that the fragrance of sandalwood creates positivity and calms the mind and soul. It eliminates the toxin deposits in the skin thereby soothing it and enhancing the skin texture. It clears your skin and helps you with a brighter complexion.

    14. Lavender is known for its healing aromatherapy benefits. Its relaxing properties will help you calm down and unwind after a long day.

    15. Lodhra's contribution to skin care dates back to thousands of years. It's anti-bacterial properties helps in getting rid of acne and its astringent properties helps to tighten and tone the skin.

    16. Multani Mitti is an incredible skin healer. No matter your skin type, multani mitti can gently unclog your pores and protect your skin from being affected by unwanted chemicals and pollutants. 

    Suitable for - All Skin Types. Our ayurvedic products should be used by individuals of 6 years of age or more. It is also suitable for pregnant women. 

    We at Natural Vibes believe in providing the best ayurvedic, aromatherapy and plant-based products possible. Our products are 100% vegetarian and proudly free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, silicones, harmful colorants and other harsh cosmetic chemicals. All our products are certified by the Department of Ayurveda. At Natural Vibes we believe in conscious Ayurveda.

    Products at Natural Vibes are developed keeping in mind the five elements found in Vedas called the Pancha Mahabhuta and its effects on balancing of our chakras.  

    Natural Vibes is a movement towards sustainable usage & conservation of Mother Nature for our well-being. 

    Our mission at Natural Vibes is to care and restore our planet’s beauty, not only in the way we make our products but how we give back to Mother Nature by planting trees.

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    Main Attribute: Vegan,  Natural,  Handmade 

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