Naturally Yours Gluten Free chia & Black rice Pasta 200g

Naturally Yours Gluten Free chia & Black rice Pasta 200g

Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours Gluten Free chia & Black rice Pasta 200g

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    • Vegan
    • Natural
    • Sustainable
    • Fair Trade
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    This delicious pack of gluten free chia black rice pasta combines the goodness of nutritious black rice and power packed chia seeds.

    ✔ 100% gluten free

    ✔ Ideal for celiac and gluten intolerant individuals

    ✔ Made using nutritious black rice and chia seeds

    ✔ Rich in antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and dietary fibers

    ✔ Easy to make 

    ✔ Serves 2 adults and 2 children

    ✔ Easy to digest and ideal for 1+ years kids and above

    ✔ No preservatives, artificial flavors, colors and MSG


    1. Chia & Black rice Pasta is a nutritious gluten-free alternative to conventional pasta

    2. Good source of omega-3, iron, proteins, antioxidants and fiber.

    3. Provides the combined benefits of two superfoods


    Organic black rice, organic chia seeds, Rice


    1. Take about 2L of water in a large pan and boil on high heat. Add a tsp of salt in it.
    2. Once the water has come to a rolling boil, add Naturally Yours Chia & Black Rice Pasta.
    3. Stir once to make sure that the pasta is not sticking together or to the bottom of the pan.
    4. Continue to boil on high heat, stirring occasionally, until the water returns to a rolling boil (about 2 minutes)
    5. Once the water begins to bubble and foam, you may wish to turn down the temperature a bit to keep it from boiling over
    6. Boil for another 5 to 7 minutes.
    7. Test a piece of pasta to see whether it is the texture you’re looking for (cooked but still a bit firm)
    8. Drain the water and keep the pasta aside. Rinse it and then toss it with a bit of oil to make sure that the pasta doesn’t stick to itself
    9. Toss it together with your choice of pasta sauce and sauteed vegetables for a wholesome meal.

    Product Code: 8906083301466
    Weight: 200 g
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 8cm x 26cm x 19cm
    Main Attribute: Vegan,  Natural,  Sustainable,  Fair Trade 

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