Orenda 7 Chakra Asana Cork Yoga Mat

Orenda 7 Chakra Asana Cork Yoga Mat


Orenda 7 Chakra Asana Cork Yoga Mat

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    • Vegan
    • Natural
    • Sustainable
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    This yoga mat is all you desire. We have crafted the top layer of the mat by combing natural cork and recycled rubber. However in contrast foam is used as a lower surface to provide you extra padding so that you can perform your routines without any hinderance. 7 Chakra- Asana Cork Yoga mat is designed with 7 Chakras on it. The size of the mat is 72 by 24 inches and it weighs 1.70 kilograms. It has a 5mm thickness of the foam. There are many features which our yoga mat has:

    100% Natural Cork

    7 Chakra Printed

    Odor Resistant

    Anti Bacterial



    Non- Slip


    Washing Instructions: Orenda India Yoga Mat just take 20 minutes to dry. All you have to do is gently scrub the mat with little cleanser and the absorb the water from the mat using a dry towel.

    Folding Instructions: Roll the mat loosely with the cork side outside.

    Size: 72*24 inches Thickness: 5mm

    Product Code: ASANA CORK YOGA MAT
    Weight: 1.9 kg
    Main Attribute: Vegan,  Natural,  Sustainable 

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