Anantaya Roopdarshini White M

Anantaya Roopdarshini White M


Anantaya Roopdarshini White M

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    • Natural
    • Fair Trade
    • Handmade
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    The Roop Darshani mirror is a personal token of appreciation of beauty through contemplation of your reflection in a mirror. A sturdy wooden handle is attached to a carved galvanized metal frame making this mirror a jewel-like accessory. Roop Darshani is available two sizes, in red and white.

    Product Code: 89-03704-00892-6
    Weight: 0.97 g
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 290mm x 165mm x 20mm
    Main Attribute: Natural,  Fair Trade,  Handmade 

    Tags: Anantaya, Roopdarshini, White M, Mirror

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