Thasvi Primary Colours Stacker (1 year +)

Thasvi Primary Colours Stacker (1 year +)

Thasvi Primary Colours Stacker (1 year +)

Thasvi Wooden Toys

Thasvi Primary Colours Stacker (1 year +)

Thasvi Wooden Toys

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    • Organic
    • Sustainable
    • Biodegradable
    • Handmade
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    The Montessori inspired stacker has three discs, which help the child understand the concept of small, medium and large. Each disc is painted with a different contrasting non-toxic colour. This contrast emphasizes the order of the discs for the child.

    The stacker can be introduced to a child at around 12 months and be used as long as the child shows interest.

    The child initially is able to practice his skills by placing the discs on the dowel and gradually learns the concept of putting the discs in the correct order.

    The stacker helps practice different finger grasps, colour sense and develop a sense of order.

    The stacker also helpsNote:

    *During its lifetime, a tree is subjected to many natural forces that cause variations in wood grain, color, knots, splits, and stains. These variations are not defects. They enhance the beauty of the wood and add to the characteristic of the handcrafted toys making each toy unique.

    *As with any baby toy or accessory, please use only under adult supervision.

    *Always inspect for damage prior to use. in enhancing your child’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration.

    Product Code: TWT-PCS
    Weight: 178 g
    Main Attribute: Organic,  Sustainable,  Biodegradable,  Handmade 

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