The Loom Art Paradise Chic

The Loom Art Paradise Chic

The Loom Art Paradise Chic

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Brand: The Loom Art
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  • Organic
  • Sustainable
  • Biodegradable
  • Fair Trade
  • Social Impact
  • Handmade

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This elite timeless silhouette is made in handwoven cotton fabric. Patterned and tailored into elegance, this blue dress, is the definition of timelessness and beauty. It’s a notch collar dress with lace detail on the waist and gathered sleeves. A delicate fan pleat finishing on the sleeve & detailed hand embroidered wildflowers on the front. This collection has been made from the inspiration of Mughal embroidery done on the carpets in ancient times.

Product Code: LAW2321
Weight: 750 g
Dimensions (L x W x H): 11cm x 2cm x 3cm
Main Attribute: Organic,  Sustainable,  Biodegradable,  Fair Trade,  Social Impact,  Handmade 

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