True Elements Dried Goji Berries 125gm

True Elements Dried Goji Berries 125gm

True Elements Dried Goji Berries 125gm

True Elements

True Elements Dried Goji Berries 125gm

True Elements

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    • Natural
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    • Recycled
    • Biodegradable
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    Goji Berries are known for its unique flavor and health-boosting properties. It is a well-known historical medicinal plant, used in China. This superfood is often touted as food which lets you live a long life, thanks to its amazing health properties which keeps your health intact. 

    True Elements Dried Goji Berries are perfectly soft with little toothsome texture, delicious and nutritious, just as nature intended. They are both sweet & savory. They have a mild tangy flavor with a tinge of sweetness. Usually consumed raw and dried, these berries are loaded with a wide range of phytonutrients, vitamins and trace minerals, adding a healthy advantage to the human body, thereby increasing the longevity of life. 

    How can Dried Goji Berries be beneficial to your health?

    Planning to lose weight in a healthy way? Snack on these healthy berries:

    Though not directly associated with weight loss, they can be a part of the healthy weight loss meal plan. These rich and sweet fibrous berries provide a feeling of fullness, prevents in gaining calories or pounds caused by overeating. They can be a part of a light snack to prevent overeating at mealtimes. It also improves your athletic performance, thus supporting your weight loss efforts at the gym.

    Ensure disease-free life with Dried Berries:

    Several antioxidants protect the cell from free radicals damage. They contain natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory compounds that kills the harmful bacteria from damaging the cells and tissues of the body and protects you from any sort of infectious disorder. 

    Feeling visual fatigue? Reduce it with berries:

    Vitamin A from the berries protect the retina and prevent the development of several age-related visionary problems like macular degeneration and even vision loss. It also reduces visual fatigue and yellow deposition in our eyes.

    Improve heart health with berries:

    These berries help regulates the blood lipid levels and prevents several chronic heart problems. It also balances cardiac function and maintains steady blood flow without any hindrance caused by blood clots. It lowers blood pressure and lowers heart attacks. It can even increase your life expectancy.

    Need something to live a longer life? These berries can help:

    The miraculous poly-saccharides stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete HGH. This hormone reverses some of the aging symptoms and helps you live a longer and better life free from chronic ailments like heart problems, strokes, diabetes etc.

    Besides this, it can help improve your ability to focus, quality of sleep and is a great food for overall well-being.

    Product Code: TE-DGB
    Weight: 125 g
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 210cm x 130cm x 0cm
    Main Attribute: Natural,  Sustainable,  Recycled,  Biodegradable,  Fair Trade,  Social Impact 

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