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Zishta Handcrafted Brass Idli Pathram

Zishta Handcrafted Brass Idli Pathram

Zishta Handcrafted Brass Idli Pathram

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Soft, fluffy, light Idlis is a dream breakfast for many South Indan homes where generally the softness is compared to the Jasmine flowers. 

Following the history of making the best and fluffy Idlis, we travelled to the interiors of Tamil Nadu in search of the most appropriate cookware for the same. 

Our research took us to the traditional brass Idli makers of rural Tamil Nadu, a hidden gem which took us three long years to find. 

Brass is the metal with critical weight to size ratio that builds the right amount of steam pressure to make mouth water idlis in exactly 10 minutes. 

The holes in the idli plates also enable steam to pass through the batter effectively thereby cooking it all the way through at shortest possible time. 

Idli plates and inside of the vessel is tin coated which would need refurbishing every couple of years depending on usage. 

We can make 12 idli's at a time in this vessel. It will have two plates of 7 idli pits and 5 idli pits respectively. 

Post Tin lining, the Idli pathram is repolished to get back the shine. You need to use a muslin cloth to pour the batter in the pits. 

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